APG Quimica S.A de C.V.


Be a sustainable company, generating technical solutions and specific services for your business. Offer quality and sustainable products; committed to society, and care for the environment.


We are a company with more than 18 years of experience in the commercialization of specialized chemical products for different markets.

We are committed to the quality of the products we distribute, offering customized solutions to our customers while maintaining harmony with the environment through ecological products and environmental policies.

We are representatives of the brand Clariant, a world leader in chemical specialties, with sustainable products and with an added value to cover specific needs of various markets in the industrial sector; such as, certificates and technical advice.

All this has led us to obtain the preference of the clients for our innovative products and services, developed to measure to meet the current and future needs of the most varied sectors and markets.

APG química


Be a company committed to meet the specific needs in the industry in general with each client. We continuously renew our portfolio of products, services and applications, offering tailored solutions for the most varied demands. Always in constant contact with our clients to understand their immediate needs, their medium and long-term goals and objectives; adding value to your business.